Saturday, January 10, 2009

Save the M8 Bus

Please sign the petition to save the M8 bus which will hopefully help to save the service, not just for the downtown residents, but more importantly, for me personally. The loss of this bus will add either 1/2 hour to my commute or force me to walk 40 minutes each way cross town, causing severe back pain, too many worn shoes and a basic negative disposition toward life in general. Or, I might have to ride my tiny little bike, causing possible bodily injury to me and other pedestrians in my way.

If you are even more inclined, and are disgusted by the idea of cutting a lot of bus and subway service while raising prices, you can show up at the hearing about the MTA budget cuts, and make your voice heard.

Wed. January 14, 6pm
1335 6th Ave (off 53rd st)
The Hilton, Trianon Ballroom
Topic: Fares and service cuts

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Anonymous said...

I'm an East Village resident, and a Senior Citizen. I emailed the MTA about the necessity for the M-8 bus, and how I depend on it to reach my doctors and senior centers. They answered, brusquely, that they have already determined that the M-8 is underutilized, and that it would, therefore, get the ax!