Thursday, December 11, 2008

Piss on Verizon

As I was looking through my referring links, I found this blog that is documenting all the people who hate Verizon. I am now part of that illustrious group. Even today I received another solication for a plan that is cheaper than what I am paying, but they won't allow me to have it. I do hate their asses. Anybody out there with recommendations on DSL? How is Earthlink? The only thing stopping me from switching immediately is my verizon email address which will be a gigantic pain in the ass to switch, everything I do is connected to it. They suck for making me feel like a sucker.

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Anonymous said...

I got my mom Earthlink DSL and it's great. No problems, seems to be as speedy as my Roadrunner...if it isn't, it's damned close.

My mom hates Verizon, too! She stuck to dial-up until Earthlink DSL was available on her street, since Verizon DSL was the only other option for her.