Thursday, December 04, 2008

Have I mentioned lately how much Verizon sucks?

No I don't think I have, so I will now have a little rant.

First, I switched to their phone service from AT&T, even though Jeannine, who is a spy, says that Verizon is the only local service in NY because that is how she gets the criminal's phone records. I think, though, that what she doesn't understand is that Verizon owns all the phone lines (remember, our land lines are actual, physical wires that run from your telephone into a nearby building, and then from that building to another building and so on) and the other phone companies sell the same service under their own brand names, so really for her, it is one stop shopping as all the phone calls go through the same place. That criminals are still using land lines is what is more surprising.

Anyways, I switched. When I switched I tried to tell them that I already have Verizon DSL and so shouldn't I get one bill, a discount, something? No, they couldn't answer me about that at all. Not even a little. I hung up disgusted, and realizing that I was going down the rabbit hole with this horrible company whose main operational issue is to find your little wire and plug it into a new hole if you change phone numbers. And that annoying cell phone guy on tv who travels with a band of thieves behind him.

Now, let's discuss for a minute their hours. You can only call them from 8am-7pm weekdays and 9am-3pm on Saturdays. Like good Christians, but unlike every other company in the universe, the phone company is closed on Sunday. Yet still they charge you for calls made on Sunday. Ha, how does that work?

And now, they have raised the rate for DSL, also without notice, or at least a notice I was inclined ro read since all their email looks like spam and arrives in my spam box even though it is coming through THEIR EMAIL SERVICE. And what did they do one month later? They eliminated the free antivirus program that comes with being a Verizon customer. While the service sucked and slows me down a lot, here is the thing: IT WAS FREE.

Oh, but they didn't eliminate it, it's just that now you have to pay even more to get the protection. How much? Who the fuck knows, they have hidden the price, if they have published it al all, so far down in the menus that I can't find it. What I do know is that it is $2 per month for up to 3 computers, for the first six months. That is when they have sucked you in and you are too lazy to switch so now the bill will be double for the rest of your life.

And finally, the thing that is really making me crazy, they sent some emails about the discontinuation of the antivirus service, but when I went to their website there was NOT ONE MENTION of this change in service anywhere. Not one, nothing like "you should really sign up for our new service because you are about to become toast on December 8 if you don't." Not in their announcement section, not in their antivirus section, not in the FAQs of their help section. Nothing. Nada. Nil. Not one word.

The Indian guy on the help chat was no help either, only confirming that indeed it is true, and then gave me a secret website to go to that would give the information about the change of service. The same website that was in the email that I thought was a phishing email. Downgrade of service is what it is.

If there were some way for me to get a virus through my Verizon DSL line I would hope to find a way to transmit it right back to them through my little wire. But I guess that would be like being able to get a pizza over the phone, you just can't stick in through the little holes in the receiver.

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