Thursday, September 25, 2008

Chinatown on a Sunday

If you have never eaten (or smelled) a Durian, Chinatown is the place to go. This fruit is what orangutans eat in the jungle. It is a most formidable fruit; everything about it screams DO NOT EAT ME. It is very pointy and painful to touch, it is large and hard to carry (they sell it in a string bag), it is hard to cut, smells like a sewer and the edible part is the tiny little center that looks like snot. If you have gotten that far and can still put the thing in your mouth, more power to you. And one more thing to consider: if you are attempting to eat this fruit while in a very foreign country and tripping, it is arguably the funniest thing you can spend an hour contemplating.

But there truly is nothing more horrible than a bucket of live frogs, drowning.Frogs breathe air, they do not have gills. I had to go home after this.Where Chinatown meets Little Italy where we find the saddest woman to ever go on a ride.

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Alex in NYC said...

Good lord -- the frog bucket!!!