Saturday, May 10, 2008

Some good news

Well two good things happened in the past couple of days. Maybe three.

1 - Nick (my neighbor) got evicted but won in court and will move back in this week. The big mystery now is what happened to his stuff that the Marshalls threw down 5 flights of stairs. No carrying at all, just throwing. Of course we immediately started to use his empty (except for a layer of papers across the floor) apartment to store things that need to be taken to storage, so I guess we have to move them to the car now.

2 - The NY Times finally has written an article about what is going on with predatory landlords who are pushing out tenants to make a quick buck. We have had, in the past 6 months a 28% vacancy rate in my small building.

3 - I finished tiling. It is done. The only thing left now is to cut down the piece of wood that doesn't fit the sink cabinet, and happily we found someone with a table saw who will do it for us this week. I can't wait to have my kitchen table back in action and all the tools put away. I even cleaned the chairs.

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