Saturday, March 15, 2008

Minor Celebrity Sighting

As we passed by Momofuki Noodle Bar and noticed that there wasn't a line to get in, and since there has been much commotion over this restaurant, we decided to eat there. After a lot of trouble with sitting in the correct seats ("It is easier for us if you sit in these 2 seats" and "It is easier for us if you slide the chairs to the left a little bit") we consulted with the waiter about which were the most popular items. We were encouraged to share, and the shitaki steamed buns and the Momofuku Pork Noodles ("With BOTH kinds of pork.") were chosen. It was good, and not terribly expensive, but I'm not sure what the raving is about.

However, much more exciting was that we immediately spotted, sitting 2 chairs down, Joey Slotnick (ok so we didn't know his name then and had to rack our brains trying to figure out where we'd seen him - Nip/Tuck and Boston Public) was eating his noodles and doing the NY Times crossword puzzle using one of those 4- color ink pens that I was obsessed with in 6th grade.

The night ended badly when we walked all the way to the movie theater for Persepolis (pronouned PersOpolis on 777-film) and found it sold out. So we walked all the way back home, watched HBO on demand and fell asleep early.

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