Friday, January 18, 2008

Max's New Colorful Haircut

A few days ago we were asked to write a note to the 9th grade English teacher to allow our son to get his hair cut during class by a fellow student. It sounded exciting, and now today was the big day. After a few cuttings done by a couple of different people, followed by a frantic phone call asking how you bleach hair (buy hair coloring at CVS was my answer) and then another phone call asking how long to leave the bleach in (read the box was my next answer), and then some cheap blue hair dye that looked green, followed by my color repair using "Bad Boy Blue" Manic Panic, Max has a new haircut and coloring job. The very very short spot in the back is ALMOST unnoticeable.



1 comment:

SP said...

Okay, so at what point does a hair cut and color merge into an high school English class lesson?
Did I miss something? They did a good job though ... I am surprised he is not bald!