Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Right in the Kisser

This morning on the bus, there was a small boy, about 4 years old, who did not stop talking to his mom the entire ride. He had that cute little boy voice and jumped from topic to topic, very animated, quite articulate. He couldn't sit in his seat at all, jumping up and down. He begged for a special treat. He asked repeatedly if they would be late or on time. He sang a little to himself. Then he remembered his dream. It was quite complex, colorful and disjointed until he got to the part where someone was chasing him, trying to kidnap him. He repeated the word kidnap several time, making sure that his point was clearly made and to show that he knew that this was as bad a dream as a boy could have. But luckily, his friends were there to help him get out of the situation. And then he SHOUTED, "Adam came running to help me and POW he hit him right in the PENIS." His mother shushed him and he continued straight on, without a pause and said, "Oh no, POW he hit him right in the FACE."

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