Saturday, November 03, 2007

Halloween - The Disappointment Continues

So my son growing up hasn't stopped, despite all attempts to make him feel guilty about leaving us behind. He keeps saying things like, "Mom I'm in high school now," which really doesn't help. I KNOW he's in high school. So what?

I came home early for Halloween hoping at least to be able to see him before he went out, and to help him do anything last minute for his costume, and of course to get a photo. But no, I missed him, by the time I got home at 4:15 he was gone. Our annual tradition of trick or treating with his best friend Miles, which we've done since they were in nursery school, was morphing into the two of them and their big, giant friends, hanging out, probably making trouble, and not even getting a lot of candy to show for it.

Also for the first time I thought their costumes did not live up to their creative potential. They were "anal crabs" (their name, not mine) and by the end of the night they were both very sore from bending over, and their necks were rubbed raw from the shirts. Their skit was to fight on the floor. Apparently a lot of people kicked them while they were down there. They thought it was funny.

They did agree to meet up with us for sushi dinner, bringing along a new friend, Lion, so we got to see them for a while, but they rushed off (the service was very very slow) after hardly eating anything, and we went home and watched tv and felt like we were missing out on all the fun.

The anal crabs

Marc, always good with the impromptu getup that freaks out little kids. The eyes are made from a plastic scotch tape dispenser and ping pong balls. I like the lights in the back that look like a man walking on his head.

The minute she saw the pumpkin Jezebel had to get in on the action, and she did the exact same thing as last year when she was only a couple months old - get that candle out of there! What is a candle doing inside the orange thing?

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