Friday, April 13, 2007

Spiderman is AWESOME

Saturday at Universal Orlando ... here is the conversation we had for the first half of the day:

Me: "Spiderman is the most awesome ride EVER."
Son: "It can't beat Nitro. No way." (Note: Nitro is at Six Flags)
Me: "You know why the line is so long to Spiderman? Because it is AWESOME."
Son: "It can't beat Nitro."
Me: "You aren't going to believe it until you see it, but Spiderman is the best ride EVER."
Son: "I was so scared of Nitro and I'm not scared of Spiderman."
Me: "Spiderman is the BEST ride EVER in the WORLD."
Son: "Mom I think you are building this up to be a disappointment."
Me: "No way, why do you think the line is so long? Because it is the best ride EVER."
Son: "I find it hard to believe it could be better than Nitro."

After the ride:
Me: "See... the best ride EVER."
Son: "I think you are right. But I still love Nitro."

Sunday at Busch Gardens Tampa. This is the conversation we had all day long:
Me: "Sheikra looks too scary. I think we should skip it."
Son: "I think I want to go on it."
Me: "Ok but it looks too scary. I'm not so sure."
Son: "I'll be disappointed if we don't go on it."
Me: "It looks horrifying. I think we have gone on enough roller coasters."
Son: "Maybe you're right, it's scary."
Me: "Well, let's think about it. Maybe we can't leave without trying it."
Son: "I think I want to go on it."
Me: "No, I think it's too scary."

After we went on it we realized that the build-up was much scarier than the ride itself. The most shocking thing about this ride is that you watch it creep to the top, and then it PAUSES for exactly 4 seconds on the precipice, and then it drops straight down. However, the reality is that you can't see anything unless you are in the front row, so really it's just like any other coaster. And the drop is over so quickly (2 seconds by my count) that you barely have time to register. Still, it's a very cool ride.

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Larry Slade said...

I love amusement parks. If you ever need some old coot to tag along to such let my know. (featuring William Frawly as Bub) I don't have anyone to go with.
Never been to 6 Flags even.
You are a good mom.