Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Orlando...Las Vegas for Children

I'm not sure what got into me, but clearly I wasn't thinking straight when I planned a trip to Orlando over the Easter weekend. Not being a holiday celebrating type of gal, it didn't actually occur to me that other people flock to Florida during holidays.

The plane going south had a ratio of about 1 adult to 40 children.You would have thought the kids had already hit their first roller coaster when a SHOUT went up as we took off. I was sitting across the aisle from 3 little girls ages 9, 6 and 4. They were well behaved, but so excited they could barely stand it. It was very early in the morning and their mothers were sitting in rows far in front and behind them, which put the eldest girl in charge. Prior to takeoff she showed them all how to raise and lower their trays. And raise and lower. Raise and lower. Raise and lower. She asked me how to move the seat back, but I wouldn't tell her. Then she advised the youngsters that very soon The Lady would be coming with their snacks. This prompted the middle girl to shout "Mom!" Her mother answered from 10 rows in front, "What?" The girl yelled, "When will The Lady come with the snacks?" Her mother didn't answer, and the lowering and raising of the trays distracted her from finding out.

About half an hour into the flight, The Lady approached with the snacks on her rolling cart. The girls were literally on the edge of their seats watching her make her way down the aisle. As she got about 2 rows in front of us, a man with his young son needed to get by. The Lady then backed the cart up all the way to the front of the plane to let them pass. As she started to back up, all 3 girls jumped out of their seats, waving their hands, shouting "Miss, Miss, Miss, we didn't get our snack." I told them she didn't forget, she was coming, but they stood up until they saw her moving forward again. The most surprising thing about this incident was their order. The choices were cookies, granola bars, Sun Chips and peanuts with a variety of sodas and juice. The girls all chose the granola bars and ... a bottle of water! How healthy.

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Larry Slade said...

And here I thought that Vegas was disneyworld for adults (and I guess children now too).
In the USA we are all childish consumers.

But what's with the photo?
Is it that the children are so excited that they can't wait for the plane to land so they leap from it to the magic world of greater Orlando?

We just heard about the trip down. Heaven know what madness when on down there.