Sunday, December 08, 2013

Nostalgia Train

Finally I got my ass out of the house and made it onto the nostalgia train. I remember knowing a couple of kids in high school who were train geeks and I thought they were complete idiots for caring about things like old trains, old token collections and the history of the subway. I see they were ahead of their time, or else I was just a jerk who couldn't appreciate a thing.

I especially like that it's a train to Forest Hills (even though this particular nostalgia route only goes until Queens Plaza).

The train we were on was, I think, from the 1930's but the MTA website isn't clear. People dressed up in flapper era costumes, and there were a pair of Navy people on our car. The MTA on-board staff was excited and friendly and it's likely the only time I've ever seen them talk to people and seem human rather than miserable.

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