Monday, June 25, 2012

Zaragoza Deli Wins the Ultimate Picnic Challenge

This item seems to have gone unnoticed, so I have retrieved my rusty pen to comment on this week's New York Magazine who published one of their "let's get 3 chefs to make us a picnic" piece as a way to talk about food in a "served three ways top chef competition" approach. Each chef had to shop in either Union Square farmers market, Eataly or Zaragoza, and then a food critic judged them. 

And guess who won? Well, some chef won, the store wasn't really a competitor, but the guy who went to Zaragoza's was the winner. I felt happy for them for the recognition, and then slightly sad when I noticed they spelled it Zarazoga.

P.S. Thank you to Serious Eats  from whom I borrowed the above photo because I don't label photos well and can never retrieve the one I'm looking for. I was actually hoping to find one of the beautiful cat that lives in this store. When I googled Zaragoza new york deli cat, in addition to the store photo, this below was one of the top images served up by google. Go figure. Compelled to share.

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