Thursday, February 09, 2012

Mystery of the Lost Keys

It's been a month since our building had a robbery (see previous post on the Spiderman heist). I've since found out that earlier that a guy who lives down the block was also robbed earlier that same night, but it seems as though it wasn't the same person because he didn't get his stuff back and the girls in my building did.

Since that incident, the landlord took action by loosening up on security because, really, breaking into windows causes damage that they have to repair. If they keep everything open, it will be more cost effective. Also, they started to renovate the hallway, hoping to trick us into thinking chair rails along the walls will deter crime, while a front door that locks won't be such a big deal.

But the point of this story is about my keys. In another degradation of security, I lost them last night. After a full day of worrying about what I was going to do (not to mention the $30 charge to get a new downstairs door key - oops don't need it because the door doesn't actually lock) I there was a message when I got home from a woman who tracked me down!

Who found them? The owner of a stationery company, but it was his secretary who did all the legwork. Where were they lost? In the subway last night after I was returning from a fancy cocktail party on Central Park West that I went to for a rare chance to see the inside of an apartment in the first residential Art Deco building ever built. How did she find me? By calling D'Agostino's and giving them the card number from my key ring. She spent some serious time figuring this out and finding me. Tomorrow I will go to her office and reward her with flowers and goodies.

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