Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Some Stuff

As the five readers I have left might have noticed, I haven't been posting too much of late. I haven't been inspired, mourning the loss of my baby who has abandoned the nest and gone south for the winter. It's quite disorienting.

Some interesting things might have happened worthy of relating, but now I can't remember them. I'll try.

Today I was sitting in the outdoor part of a restaurant on the very west side, when an M8 bus went by and the bus driver leaned out the window and shouted "hello" to me and waved furiously. That he 1) knew who I was, and 2) recognized me from so far away, was exciting. My lunch companion was duly impressed. Now I need to learn his name so we can move this relationship to the next level.

Last Saturday evening, if you were wondering where all the white people went, I found them at the Stone Street Oyster festival. Seriously. All white. Like the suburbs somewhere in the 1950's. Sorry I have no photos, it was so crowded I couldn't move my arms.

After escaping from that oyster nightmare, I ran into the Wall Street sit in, and marched with them for a while and ate one of their peanut butter sandwiches. First time I've had white bread in about 20 years. Ran into some of my son's ex-high school friends, one of whom had organized a couple dozen people and some buses from Ohio to attend. She's my hero.

Last week I saw former President Al Gore give his 24th hour presentation of his new slideshow. Powerful stuff. Claimed that over 8 million people around the world saw it, but I have yet to find one of them who wasn't with me in that auditorium. If you care one little bit about our earth, please watch the video. It's an hour long, but well worth the time. Step two is work toward not having nightmares of alternating flooding and drought.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Jill, one of your 5 checking in. Posts about empty nests are starting to make me nervous... I can no longer pretend that's so far away anymore.