Tuesday, July 26, 2011

The West Side

For years we kept our garbage that we couldn't throw away in a storage space on Charles Street. A few years ago they sold the building and now it looks like this.

One of the delights of going to storage was passing by this little house on Weehawken Street. There is a sign on the street saying it is the last original house on the block, from the 1830's, formerly the site of a prison and market. There are 2 signs asking people not to urinate. Read more about this historic district on New York's shortest street here.

Around the corner is another building that is about to come down. Losing this great Hotel sign is sad because it will inevitably be replaced by another ugly fishbowl building.

 Around the corner again, on Christopher Street is this faded sign of times gone by. The ground floor is for rent. I'll bet inside is fabulantastic.

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