Monday, June 27, 2011

Garden Parties

Graduation was a teary-eyed affair (for me) at the Rose Theater at Time Warner. 280 kids with a New York City public education are now unleashed to wreak some havoc. The list of colleges they are going to is quite impressive. The jazz band that played was full of genuine talent , and how fun for them to have been able to play at this phenomenal venue on their graduation day.

Luckily, the same kids are also in a rock band that played at our garden party on Saturday so we got to hear them twice.Good food and drinks for all. Plus, my chocolate chip cookies were the first dessert item to sell out, so my competitive spirit was appeased.

On Sunday, the garden hosted the Exotic Fruit Club's annual gathering. What a spread.

On 7th Street, the Polish church was celebrating something... flower petals strewn about, a man in robes swinging a keg of incense, little girls dressed all in white, and so on. Perhaps they were honoring the goodness of Butter Lane cupcakes, where they stopped for a while and gesticulated.

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