Thursday, May 05, 2011

Rooftop Angst

People walking over my head on the roof in the middle of the night is one thing that drives me out of my mind. The whole place shakes like the world is collapsing. So I can identify with this story from a neighbor down the block.

"What the Hell?" department. At 4:30 today.

Heard heavy footsteps coming from above my apartment, which means the rooftop. Went up to check it out. The cable guy is usually pretty light footed. To my surprise there was a young couple in their early 20's making out and slowly dancing to their ipod. Well, it is spring. 

I asked which apartment they were from. 

"Oh, we don't live here."

Ok, who are you visiting? 

"No one." 

Ok, what are you doing up on the roof? 

"The front door was open and it looked like a cool building so we came up for the view." 

Ok- where do you live? 

"Brooklyn. We were just passing by and followed someone in the front door." 

Ok- gonna have to ask you to leave and not do this again.

"Alright. But sure is a nice view. You guys should barbecues and stuff up here." 

And the moral is: let's not let people follow us in the front door. They could have just as easily been snipers or devil worshippers or people from New Jersey.


Anonymous said...

I like your roof.

John M said...

More evidence of the amazingly self-absorbed generation...