Tuesday, May 10, 2011

NY Street Art

After reading about this new art project that is being installed at the former SuperDive. I was told that it is par tof a larger project sponsored by the New Museum.

I got to thinking about vacant lots and art, and the history in the Lower East Side that took this idea and ran with it. Part of the squatter history was to install art exhibits in vacant spaces, alongside living spaces. It was an exciting way to show art, underground, subversive, raw, stripping away the financial aspect of the gallery/pimp model that is the norm.

Now we come full circle where shows like the one in SuperDive are sanctioned by a prominent museum, as well as the landlord. The future has arrived, where every work of art is squeaky clean and approved.

In contrast, I urge you to read this incredible online book from 98 Bowery's Marc Miller, "ABC No Rio Dinero," that tells the story in words and photos of how ABC No Rio came to be, opening shortly after the 1980 "Real Estate Show" was put up in a vacant building around the corner.

Credit: Real Estate poster by Rebecca Howland, from here.

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