Monday, March 14, 2011

Off Kilter

This past weekend was one big sleep-in, and not just because of the annoyance of waking up Sunday at 9:30 and then in a moment finding out it was actually 10:30. All weekend we lazed around, unable to move far from the bed or couch, watching movies and the last season of Weeds. We ventured out once each day hoping to catch the sun to inject some life into our lifeless lives, but each time, the moment we got outside it clouded up and felt chilly and uncomfortable, so we rushed back inside.

Then today, in an unusual and uncharacteristically clumsy move, the son fell on that weird cement raised step coming out of the 1st Avenue L train stairs coming out of the subway, banging his shoulder, knee and hip, and scraping his thumb. (He's ok mom.)

The husband has announced that the reason we felt so bad this weekend was because the earth was knocked 6.5" off its axis from the Japanese earthquake and shortened the day by 1.1 millionth of a second, which didn't nearly make up for daylight expensive time.

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