Thursday, February 10, 2011

Some Stuff

Robert Plant at The Beacon was about the most fun you could have with a 60-something year old singer, unless of course Mr. Page joined him, which he didn't.

Afterward, a punk rocker (really, dressed in typical early 80's punk rock fashion no longer seen too frequently around these parts complete with dyed black hair, leather studded jacket and tiny little pins that said something unreadable) started a subway conversation on the L train, thinking somehow we must look like the demographic to see Robert Plant (or at least to know who he is), and said, "You might be interested in this. I am coming back from a Robert Plant concert. It was kind of boring."

To which the husband answered, " If you went to see Robert Plant but expected Led Zeppelin, it would be disappointing." After a little more crowded L train conversation, with the husband never letting on that we were returning from the same show, Mr. Punk ended by saying that it was a pretty great show. From zero to sixty in just 6th to 1st Avenue.

I got about 4 seconds of video before the hallway monitor shut me down.


Dan S. said...

I thought you might have gone to that show. How could you guys have resisted not sharing that you came from the same show?

I can't make out the song.

Christopher J. Egan said...

Hey Jill, Have a great recording of the band of joy show from the bbc last fall. Let me know if you want it. Chris

Jill said...

@Dan - the husband did the talking and he just decided to let the guy go on about the show. It was really funny, and wouldn't have been as funny if he'd had an honest conversation. The song is Rock & Roll and the shake at the end is the security knocking my arm to shut it off.

@Chris - I would love that recording, thanks! You should bring it to NY personally :)