Sunday, February 20, 2011

Panic in the Living Room

Last night as we were sitting on the couch watching this movie, the husband, very suddenly, stood up, ran to the window, and shouted several times, "Look at that!"

I felt my stomach drop and my mouth go dry as I thought of what he could be seeing at 7:00pm on a Saturday night, in this order:

1. A blazing fire blowing through the building across the street, with people jumping out the window to save themselves.
2. Someone being stabbed on the sidewalk, bleeding and dying.
3. A human body falling from the roof right in past our window.

I slowly followed him to the window, saw none of the above, and asked several times, "What? What?"

Finally, after what felt like way too much time, he was still looking out the window for something long gone, and exclaimed, "A hawk flew right in front of the window, you could really see just how big it is!"

1 comment:

petey said...

sounds balanced, you like mourning doves, he likes hawks.