Friday, January 28, 2011

Twitter Tweets Too Tricky

All day I tried to follow #Egypt on Twitter but was stymied. I use TweetDeck, and the column with the search was coming in so fast it was impossible to read, the tweets were literally zooming past. Then I tried a search on the Twitter home page, but it just hung and hung, never coming in, because I think it couldn't update the search fast enough.

Instead, I watched Al Jazeera's "Anger in Egypt" stream, which had great video, except the voices/talking heads were not describing what was on the video - the two were completely disconnected. So when they showed dozens of men carrying looted chairs and dressers down the street, or when they showed a man bleeding from the head after being hit by something, or a very young man unconscious, tended by medics, there was no description of what we were seeing.

My favorite tweet of the day was from The Onion: Tear Gas Manufacturers Fairly Pleased With Current Situation In Egypt.

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