Wednesday, January 12, 2011


Things have been really meh around here lately which is why I haven't written. The old adage, "don't say anything if you can't say something nice" has made it hard to write because, really, I just want to complain. The denouement of bad things happened this morning when I dropped my New Yorker on the bus floor, turning it into a sticky, sludgy mess. Ironically, it happened right on the page where my company's ad appeared, the one that also came with an iPad ad that I had a big argument with them over coding, or lack thereof. Anywhoooo...

It's been a week filled with bad customer service, and I think I've brought it upon myself from bad karma because I can't treat those customer service people with any respect. It started when I had a fight with Dell , who canceled my order and never sent me an email or notification that it was out of stock and canceled. This was the 2nd time they did this to me.So I decided, fuck them, I'll buy a new computer - yeah, that'll show them, buy something I don't really need and can't really afford from someone else. So I went to HP and my new computer was working out pretty well until I discovered, 2 weeks after I finally got it up and running, that it doesn't have a feature that I had questioned before my purchase. It took days to transfer my files because the old computer crashed every time I switched the monitor cord from one computer to the other, which makes returning this computer a big fat headache, so I have to keep it. After about 4 hours on hold and a lot of complaining later I got a 10% refund and a $75 coupon on their website, so I think I did pretty well, if not for the time suck that also included 2 trips to Staples.

PC Richards sold me a really expensive cord I wound up not needing.

In order to get HD you have to change your cable box, so I lost everything I had saved on recordings. Goodbye Masterpiece Mystery, I will never watch you now.

Nobody wants a free TV I advertised on Craig's List and Facebook. Nobody. (One day left before it goes in the garbage, so speak up now.)

I've lost two earrings in the last couple of weeks.

My humidifier, the only thing that keeps my nose from disintegrating into a big puddle of blood, started spewing water while we were sleeping, soaking the futon, sheets and everything else around it.

My hair looks really bad in this weather.

My favorite jade plant that Madi gave me a long time ago is looking sheepish and almost dead. The pot she painted still looks good, but I'm sure it's about to break, just because that's the way things are going.

It took 5 days and 5 phone calls to submit the FAFSA because their website was broken, but nobody on the phone or chat would admit it, causing me to re-enter the information a dozen times, trying to follow their instructions, which didn't matter, because their website wasn't accepting anything. After trying it on 3 computers with varying browsers, they told me I should go to the library and submit it there (!) After 2 days of trying to submit it, when I finally had it saved, it took another 3 days because I didn't understand the PIN system and kept getting locked out, having to reapply over and over, and it takes 24 hours to get it reinstated.

And finally, I was sued by State Farm, the devil-inflected insurance company, for a car accident, and after 5 years and a jury was selected, I was strong armed into settling by an asshole judge and a very nice lawyer for a sum of money that makes me cry and my stomach heave, but to them, is a sum they wipe their asses with. And did you know that in New York it is the legal amount to get 9% a year interest on a property damage suit, payable from the date of the accident, not the date of the settlement? 9%! This law is from the 70's and nobody has done a damn thing to update it to modern times.

So that's the news from Lake Woeisme.

P.S. Watch this movie about Roky Erickson, it's really good. You can stream it on Netflix.


Goggla said...

Damn, what a rough week! I do hope things get better...maybe you're using up all the bad karma in January, so the rest of your year will be blissfully sweet.

What type of TV??

Jill said...

I have low expectations!

It's a 27" Toshiba, not flat screen, not HD, but it has a good picture and is only 4 years old. It has a widescreen, flat glass tube (I don't know how to describe that accurately) so it's good for movies.

It is blocking my front door so it has to go soon. Let me know if you want it or know someone who wants it. I hate to throw it away, my depression-era instincts tell me not to.

Goggla said...

Ah, I suppose any non-flat screen is too undesirable these days. I'm very tempted, but then I would be accumulating more things I don't really need...I wonder if a school or youth group could use it?

Jill said...

I may have found someone who will take it, we'll see if they show up tomorrow. But you are right, everybody has a TV, even the homeless, I see some with TV's in their shopping cart.

Larry Slade said...

I have a 27" tube tv. I got it from another apt in my building. The super and I almost killed ourselves getting the thing up 2 flights.
Now I would like to get rid of the thing I hardly ever watch, but how, disassemble?

Why didn't you just get a Mac?

Jill said...

Yeah that TV is really heavy!

I didn't get a Mac because I like to be compatible with where I work and I can get software from work and help from our IT people if I need it, which I can't get with Mac. Plus, I don't do a lot of graphics or anything so I don't need it, and Mac's are more expensive.

Michael said...


Stumbled across your Blog .. is that TV still available?

Jill said...

Yes, the student who had an interest didn't show yesterday. You can email me mingum at