Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Lunar Eclipse

Of course the photos you've seen of last night's eclipse were awesome, but I woke up, got dressed and took photos in the wee hours, so dammit, I'm posting mine.

But first, I must relay a story that illustrates the state of education in the U.S.

I was alone on the roof, 2:30am, setting up my camera, when I noticed a shadow in the vestibule. I said, "hello there," hoping it wasn't a crazy stalker, but figuring that anybody up on the roof at this time must be interested in seeing the eclipse. Otherwise it would be a huge coincidence that they happened to come up there, in freezing cold weather, hoping for a party.

Out came a young couple, and said hello. We exchanged the "it's really cold up here" greeting, and the woman said, rather loudly so I assumed it was directed to me and not to the man she was standing with just moments before in the hallway, who clearly couldn't answer the burning question on her mind: "What is going on? I don't understand what it is that is blocking the moon. What is blocking the moon? Why does the moon look like that?"

I kid you not.


Lyndellita said...

I think your photos are beautiful. I too was out on 157th and RSD last night surprisingly with a bunch of other crazy - gotta look at the eclipse - types too

Bowery Boogie said...

wow, those are some awesome pics!

Goggla said...


And I direct that at your amazing pics as well as the girl who needs to go back to Science 101.

Jill said...

Thanks Goggla! I had so much trouble focusing. I couldn't see that well into the viewfinder with the crazy angle of the tripod, my head kept knocking it so it would go out of the frame, and autofocus didn't work at all. Then someone told me I should turn off VR when using a tripod. Live and learn. I have til 6/15/11 to figure it out!