Monday, November 01, 2010


This video is a little long, badly edited and ends abruptly, but there are some good images in there if you can find the patience to stick with it. Don't forget to vote tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

yes, some good images (though be sure to click through to the wide screen format on you tube), but the editing makes it seem like the point of the riots was to insure a dog run and playground for all the little blonde children that would soon flood the neighborhood...


Jill said...

That's the irony of the whole thing, isn't it?

chris flash said...

Anonymous: you just don't get it.

This video demonstrates the violence used by the city (sending in its goon squad of rampaging cops who randomly beat anyone in their path) to pave the way for the gentrification to come.

There are better ways to "improve" a neighborhood that don't involve displacing residents who have been here in favor of a monied class.

I'm proud that the TSP Anarchists and political activists were able to keep gentrifiers at bay up till the mid-90s, at least.

Unfortunately, they have the money and hired guns (cops), but we're still here and we'll still be here long after these transients have defaulted on their multi-million dollar mortgages and have moved on.

Jill said...

Chris - I think what anon was saying in her comment was that this particular video I posted didn't make your point well enough.