Tuesday, September 21, 2010

News Travel Fast

Last night I attended our Community Board meeting to speak about my opposition to a new liquor license on my block. Without going into details which are not relevant to this story, I wanted to illustrate my point that my experience with their management had not been positive, and that I had reservations about how they would handle a potential crowd of drinkers. To that end I told a true story about a run in I had with one of the managers in front of their restaurant where his response to me was to curse me out in a rather vicious way.

Before I even got home there was an email waiting for me from a local blogger asking me about the story. It was a colorful story, and according to him the room gasped when I told it. (I didn't hear the gasp because all I can hear when I'm speaking publicly is my heart racing.) News travels fast. Watch what you say.


EV Grieve said...

I always thought CB3 should televise these meetings.

Kind of.

Jill said...

You know the SLA has video of every hearing. It is mostly of such bad quality you can't tell what anybody is saying, and it's kind of like watching grass grow, but still, they do it. For posterity.

Anonymous said...

I related to your story. These bar owners are all sunshine and community love when they are at at CB3 meeting but you get a different reaction when you approach them about noise and other issues on your own. We should all bring a friend to video our interactions with them. Maybe they'd be less hostile.