Thursday, July 29, 2010

The Wild West

There is one part of Manhattan that I have spent zero amount of time in, until this week, when chance took me there twice. It is possibly, technically, Tribeca, but it's not the part of Tribeca with the pricey chefy restaurants or movie festivals or celebrity strollers that comes to mind when I think of Tribeca. Instead, it's that far west part, below Canal Street, near Greenwich & Washington Streets, but before you get to Battery Park.

If I win the lottery, this is where I'm heading, do not pass go, do not collect nothing.

First, it's completely deserted, which is partly creepy but mostly fantastic. There are few stores or restaurants or cars or people. And the ones that are there are quiet and secluded feeling. The streets are cobblestone. Most of the buildings are very old, but in decent looking condition. I yearn to be inside any of them. Until you come up to this one
which is a shock to the senses, especially because it is across the street from this beauty:
Guess which one scares me, but would be good if you need a building to check your eye makeup before going on a date.

There are plenty of other interesting places like this rooftop hideaway.
And then you get to Battery Park, complete with its gigantic wall of buildings
And teenage cheerleaders
Then turn around and watch gigantic cruise ships floating by, making New Jersey buildings look like Lilliputian ants in comparison.


Marty Wombacher said...

Do you know what the name of the second building is? What a great place! I gotta go hang out in that area more. Thanks for the photo tour, nice shots!

Jill said...

I didn't make a note of where I was, but it was on Washington St., near Watts St. In another photo I took, the top of the building says 1891. There is a bistro/cafe type of restaurant on the ground floor.