Thursday, July 22, 2010

I Want to Be Counted

While the rest of the country was receiving their census forms, we didn't get anything. I did notice a giant pile of forms in the hallway with addresses in surrounding blocks, as though the postal delivery person just left a big pile in each lobby, figuring it would all sort itself out.

So I called the Census Bureau and asked if I could get a form. They told me it was too early, they wouldn't send out a form. Then I forgot about it. And I called again. They told me it was too late to send out a form.

Then I saw a Census Worker staring at the buzzers downstairs and asked him if I could fill out a form. He looked through his pile and said we weren't on his list and I should call a phone number. I called the phone number and there was a message saying the census is over and to call back in 10 years.

Does this mean I don't exist?


John M said...

could be, jill. maybe that's why the people at td bank act like you're not really there.

think about it.


EV Grieve said...

I wasn't counted either... which may explain why I haven't had Jury Duty in like 15 years...

Goggla said...

This was the first year I ever received a form, which made me feel special (and alive!). The form only arrived, though, after 2 or 3 nasty letters telling me I was a deadbeat for not filing the form I hadn't received yet. So, maybe yours is still on the way...and will be counted twice in 2020.

Larry Slade said...

Why yes of course you exist. You are a character in a virtual reality game called "20 21".
It is played by what can only be described to you in a way you might understand as a "computer" in the future as it looks back at the quaint old days in the last half of the 20th and first half of the 21st Century. You consciousness is given to you by the "mainframe" and feels real to you. I know you won't believe this but that is all part of the game, to make it more real as you go about your business and act out of "FREE WILL".
This census thing and the TD Bank are clues that will lead you to your next move.
Not to worry, it all works out in the end.