Thursday, June 10, 2010


Every now and then I like to go to Loehmann's and wander the aisles. The 17th Street store is not as big and grand as the one in Riverdale, but it will suffice.

Loehmann's offers something of a Groundhog Day approach because every time I go there I have the exact same experience:

1. There is always at least one, but sometimes two, women over 60 wearing thong underwear in the dressing room.
2. I always buy a sweater, sometimes two.
3. I always run into someone I know just outside the store, even though it is not near where I, nor anyone else I know, live.
4. My feet always hurt; their floors are made of the same stuff as museums.
5. My hair always looks bad OR their mirrors make my hair look bad.
6. The sales clerks complain in inappropriately loud voices.
7. The shoes that I desperately want and my life will not be the same without, are not available in my size.

According to Racked, Loehmann's might not be around for too much longer, which will truly be a loss for the discount shopper.

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Marty Wombacher said...

60-year-old women in thong underwear? Yikes! It's like Mary Worth on a stripper pole.