Thursday, June 17, 2010

Great Skies and then Wham...

Looking at these wonderful photos of Union Square, you can feel the air moving.

Then, scroll down and WHAM there's a TGI Fridays. Must have happened while I took a nap.


NYC taxi photo said...

really?? I could totally believe that, but I'll have to see that in person to really believe it. it was something else before this and after zen palate- a jamba juice or something similar. I believe a combination of anger that Zen palate was gone along with an extremely high rent put it out of business in less than half a year.

p.s. there is a nearby restaurant that's serving the same courses from zen palate, for cheap prices and people should really go there before it goes out of business. 3rd ave-btw 17th and 16th

Jill said...

I don't remember anything opening up in there since Zen Palate. I do remember when Zen Palate's copper plates from the side of the building were stolen.