Thursday, June 24, 2010

Give em a cup of butter

Father's Day got messed up this year because I thought I had reserved a zipcar, but it turned out I missed the reservation by a full 24 hours. While the car had nothing to do with Father's Day, it put a wrench in my plans and I wound up sitting on the couch wondering what to do with myself since my trip to Fairway was painfully cut. I had no backup plan, and no groceries, and it was too hot to come up with a new plan. Sitting on the couch is kind of nice though.

After a nice Sunday dinner scavenged from things in the freezer, and it being too hot to bake, I thwarted Max's plans for the traditional Ray's milkshake with the idea to get a cupcake at one of these fancy new cupcake stores. Buying expensive cupcakes is not normally my cup of tea, but interestingly, buying a cup of tea is. I digress...

So off we went to Butter Lane, the only cupcake store I could think of, though I am pretty certain there are at least fifteen or twenty others within a few blocks. I was pretty sure that nothing could surprise me at a cupcake store, but in fact, surprise turns out to be the most mild word to describe Butter Lane.

Do they sell cupcakes? Yes they do. Do the cupcakes have frosting? Yes they do. Can you buy the frosting separately from the cupcakes? Yes you can, and in fact, every person standing in the store when we arrived was holding a little paper cup, the kind you put ketchup in at Nathans, filled with frosting. They were eating the frosting, and not the cupcakes. I was stunned, truly stunned.

Normally I prefer the cake to the frosting, as I usually think there is too much frosting for the amount of cake provided. At Butter Lane, the balance was very good. But clearly not good enough for these frosting lovers, because they decided to forgo the cake and eat only the frosting. Are you getting this? They were EATING A CUP OF BUTTER. And paying $1 for the pleasure. Oy vey, it makes my arteries clog and my ass get fat just thinking about it.


Larry Slade said...

Well, butter WITH sugar. (or sugar WITH butter).

Goggla said...

lol, so you can have your cake and eat the frosting, too!

BTW - thank you for your intelligent and articulate comments about the CB3 meeting over at EV Grieve. I really do appreciate you and all the others who have worked so hard (and continue to do so) to make the EV a great place to live.

Jill said...

Thanks, Gog. I've done very little, but I do know how much we have benefited from what those before us have done to pave the way. Reading that garden book gave me a lot of perspective, what a wonderful tribute.