Wednesday, May 26, 2010

0-60 Silently

I had the chance to see this incredibly cool Tesla electric car in action. I didn't get there in time to get to ride in it, but I did get to sit in it, which was a little like sitting in a kindergardener's chair. The car flew away like a bullet, and was completely silent. Where there should be an engine was a unit that looks like my window fan.

Sound is such an important part of our existence. We turn on the clicking noise on virtual keyboards and make our cell phones ring like old fashioned dial phones used to in order to find comfort in familiar sounds. One disturbing lack of sound is using a composting toilet (or a Portapotty) where there is no flusher.


NYC taxi photo said...

I was really excited to see this too -

I heard nothing from it either, totally silent, although i heard it has a unit that puts out whatever sound you'd like if you'd like.

Really neat that this is making headway past the larger companies who don't seem to be trying as hard. too bad it's just way too expensive so far. on the other hand it's just as fast as the other ludicrously expensive sports cars.

Jill said...

I neglected to mention that it goes something like 274 miles on one charge, and has a giant plug in the side under a lid that looks like a gas cap. The cost of the model in the showroom that had a sticker was $116,000.

Larry Slade said...

Would that all machines on the street made no sound, had no horns, and got rid of the dread Backup Beep.