Monday, March 22, 2010

Why Blogging Sometimes Pays Off

About two years ago, Marc Getter, the husband of a coworker of mine died very suddenly of a heart attack. It was completely unexpected and incredibly sad. I wrote a post about the incident and since then a couple of people have found his widow, Linda, through this blog, which I believe provided her some new connections to his past, and an opportunity to share her love for him in new ways.

Most recently, I was contacted by someone who maintains the Thomas Pynchon wiki who found the obit I wrote when trying to find the person who had designed the cover of Gravity's Rainbow in 1973 (and yes, it was Marc). They will connect, she will tell the story she has about the cover design, the website and Pynchon fans will have a little bit of history, and Linda will be able to once again share something special about the man she lost way too soon.

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Goggla said...

Wow. These connections sound like they could make up a Pynchon story. Keep an eye out for muted post horns...