Thursday, February 11, 2010

MTA Surcharge

Last night, at the 8th Avenue L train station, you know the one, where the train sits for 20 minutes before heading east; the one where only half a door per car remains open while the workers sit around laughing at the garbage instead of cleaning it? Yes that one...

It was there that my husband decided to walk to the back of the train through the inside doors instead of via the platform and was given a $75 ticket. One other guy who was walking behind him was ticketed at the same time. During the 15 minutes it took for the copster to write it out, he saw at least a dozen other people walking through the train. And, during those 15 minutes, the train never left the station.

The ticket is completely illegible due to a combination of ridiculous old fashioned carbon paper and the fact that he was so pissed off he crumbled it up when the cop gave it to him. The violation box that is checked is "unsafe riding." Doesn't the train have to be in operation for it to be "riding?"

Do you think he'll win if he goes to court and fights it?

(Personal Note: most of the details of this story may be completely untrue. the only part I really know for sure is that he got a ticket for walking through the L train before it took off from 8th Ave. I can't verify for sure because he's in jail for hitting a cop. Ha ha, that's not true either.)

Photo from Gawker


Larry Slade said...

They shouldn't be allowed to give tickets if it isn't moving. But I'll make sure never to move between cars that way again unless I have to.

Elijah said...

Did you win in court.. This same bs happened to me.

Jill said...

He didn't go to court, just submitted the letter and he lost. The MTA rules/laws are clear - there is no moving between train cars, also no eating, drinking, taking photos or breathing. It's ridiculous and stupid. They suck.