Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Still Not Complaining

I have been successful at reducing the amount I'm complaining by a good degree, but my constant negativity has not waned. It's a moral quandry, or a pickle, or a conundrum. How can I still be me but be happy and positive? I will pretend to be someone else. Someone happy and upbeat, who let's everything slide.

And now, in my inbox, is the schedule for Community Board 3 for liquor license approvals. November 16 at 6:30pm. The key category is "Renewals with Complaint History." Oy.

And guess who is right there at the top of the list (meaning he will get to go early in the evening rather than in the wee hours?) is our old friend who we cannot talk about ham while he is listening, or he gets mad. That is, the bar Destinations on Avenue A. So, if YOU are of the ilk to complain about how late they keep their windows open, and how they contribute to the high decibel level along this stretch of Avenue A, then it would be good if you would show up and state your concern.

I will be thinking of how to do so without complaining, but by simply explaining.

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