Sunday, October 04, 2009

I am nearly done posting photos from Ireland. I hope they weren't too intrusive, as in "my vacation photos." I tried to pick the best of the 800 that I took (the digital age is killing me with the overwhelming quantity of stuff in every single arena - photos, music, news, articles, blogs, video etc.)

Dublin reminded me of New York, it has transitioned from old to new very quickly with startling affect. The juxtaposition of buildings that are hundreds of years old next to glass fronted condos is strikingly familiar. There is a liveliness and an essential beauty to this city, despite all the rain and bad food we suffered through. In just three days we had a hoodlum help us buy a train ticket, almost got arrested by very young cops, drank a lot of Guinness, had all eight paintings in one newly renovated church explained to us in in amazing detail by an Irish man that stepped straight out of central casting ending with a gift of St. Anthony medals for each of us, stood in an endless line with Germans from a cruise ship to see the Book of Kells, walked through a nearly deserted Museum of Modern Art that is housed in a sprawling and beautiful 17th century army retirement building, and caught a preview of the Fringe Festival on our very last night, which was, oddly, a play by an Argentinian, in Spanish, with subtitles across a screen and a purposeful cast of extras plus two actual actors.

They also had a noise problem, and variations of this sign were seen around the Temple Bar district.


One charming thing that is a slew of signage on exterior walls, advertising some thing or other.


EV Grieve said...

Thanks for posting all these, Jill. I've never been to Ireland. On my list of places to visit. In fact, based on all your photos, it's moving on up the list...

Jill said...

Bring a raincoat and a ton of cash!

Anonymous said...

Love these photos... why go bald, indeed... let's put that on the building!