Friday, October 02, 2009

Be Careful What You Wish For

Yesterday, it was freezing inside and there was no heat. Normally I wouldn't be home during the day, but I worked from home with a colleague, who suffered with me in the cold. However, we agreed that lack of heat was the better choice than the garage construction noise outside her window on the west side.

This icy situation led to a flurry of emails and phone calls amongst the neighbors, encouraging calls to the super and 311 to complain. Today, the heat is on. Yay? Not yay. It is so hot in here I have the windows wide open and I'm finding excuses to sit next to Jezebel who is enjoying the breeze. And now, with the windows all open, we are just in time for the cacophony of heels hitting pavement, and the accompanying chatter, as the hoards make their way to the kegs that beckon.

(Footnote or addendum: you may ask why I don't turn off the heat. Excellent question, you always have such good questions. The reason is that it doesn't turn off. Well, the knobs turn off, but what we get is a stream of scalding steam spewing from the knob that quickly forms a puddle in front of the radiator, which is why the floors around the radiator are so full of mouse-loving holes. No amount of tinkering can solve this global warming causing dilemma.)


Larry Slade said...

Yeah, I've been worrying that they would turn it on in my building.
On the top floor with an unencumbered view facing south, this is the hottest room at Harry Hope's. I had times when I've struggled to purge the heat, even turning on the AC while the heat is on.
My radiator has been totally shut off for years.
It's not on yet.

Jill said...

According to my trusty indoor/outdoor thermometer it is 76 degrees outside my window, and the heat is blasting away inside. But then I recall all the years when there was no heat, or erratic heat. I feel like Goldilocks.