Saturday, September 05, 2009

A Random Act of Kindness

Every now and then a human comes along with a small kindness that startles me into remembering that all isn't bad, and all my bad karma from my minor temper tantrums to other misaligned convergences might not be adding up to doom me to a gloomy and miserable demise.

A few weeks ago, while browsing around the internet, I came upon the site of Robert Edmonds, a graphic artist who designed a poster for one of the upcoming Butthole Surfers shows. I commented on his blog, which I am prone to do, and out of nowhere he said he would mail one to me when they were back from the printers.

When I returned from vacation today, lo and behold, there was the small tube waiting for me, with this poster. What a bright way to help overcome the post vacation blues.

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