Tuesday, September 08, 2009

HOLY SHIT there is a frat house on East 12th St.

This is the paragraph I started writing:

The latest rumor, and it is a rumor, and I am posting a rumor in order to help speed up the process of finding out if it is true or not, is that a fraternity has rented an apartment at 531 E 12th St. The NYU website says that the fraternities are located in one area of one building in Chinatown, which sounds limited to me, but what do I know about fraternities beyond Animal House?

Then, while I was ruminating, and googling, this is what I found:


The link to see photos of yourself trashed doesn't work.

On Saturday night it was reported that hundreds of people were streaming in and out of that building and the police came by at least 5 times, to no avail. At around 3am one resident heard something outside her ground floor window and opened it to find a young man pissing in her flowers. She yelled at him and he ran down the street with his dick hanging out.

Now I am officially freaking out. Frat bars are one thing, an actual frat house is beyond anything I can put into words. Let the phone calls of protest begin.

To start, here is the NYU fraternity contact:

Lyle Matthew Kan
New York University Inter-Fraternity Council President


Goggla said...

Oh my...I'm wondering if there are any complaints against their former address, 40 Ave C?

Jill said...

How would one even find that out? It's not a bar or a restaurant, it's a private residence.

EV Grieve said...

Holy Fucking Shit.

Goggla said...

I'm not sure how you'd go about uncovering any history other than asking previous neighbors. Even then, I'm not sure there's anything that could be done.

In vaguely optimistic news, you can file complaints with 311 online now:


Anonymous said...

im hoping most of you went to college. frats are frats, let the kids drink.

Jill said...

Hi Anonymous,
I love drinking as much as anyone else, that really isn't the problem. The problem is that there were HUNDREDS of people streaming all night long on a quiet, residential street. Dozens of them were sitting on the street at 3am, shouting, talking, drinking etc. One of them was so loud while he was peeing in her flower box that she heard him from inside her apartment and opened the window to scare him away.

That this is going to go on every weekend is what is worrisome. The noise and disruption is the problem, not the drinking.

WB said...

There actually were issues at the former address. I wrote this in response to EV Grieve's post:

I attended a CB meeting earlier this year in which the club at 40 Ave. C (named 40C) appeared. At some point the fraternity mentioned here -- then operating at 40 Avenue C in an apartment -- had caught the attention of NYU with their advertising of parties. This resulted in NYU contacting the NYPD to have a look. Confusion ensued about whether it was the club 40C that was involved with these parties. It was not -- the club had nothing to do with them. By the time of that CB meeting it seemed that things had been cleared up, but not without the operators of 40C going to considerable lengths to disambiguate the situation. They were as polite as one could be given the circumstances, but clearly exasperated, and who wouldn't be? Can you imagine trying to operate a club and be confused with this frat?

Anyway, it's clear NYU cares about this. Registering your concern/complaints with them seems like it will get you somewhere.

Jill said...

Stay tuned, I will have some more information on this by tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

I just moved out of that neighborhood and it looks like just in time! Terrible.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, it's a frat. Some pissass one that isn't eligible to live on campus. I think the NYU contact you listed is a member.

esquared said...

frat boy:
- A collection of date-rapists that like to drink shitty beer and "stick it in" passed out drunk girls.
-Scum of the earth.
- A collection of the people with the smallest penises on a college campus.
-A college kid who thinks he's better than everyone else because he is in a fraternity. Some college kids are frat boys even though they aren't in a fraternity. Frat boy behaviour is typified by drinking shitty beer, hitting on high school girls, making fun of punks, and wearing boring clothes.

More via urban dictionary

Anonymous said...

I thought NYU students were supposed to be open minded - yet, it seems so many of you clearly can't see past the stereotypes the movies and society has painted of Greek life. That's pathetic. Leave the Greeks alone, as I guarantee they do nothing to infringe on your college experience.

Sumedh said...

I love that those of you who are unhappy are going to authorities immediately before even attempting to talk with the people residing there.

Be adults and if you have a problem and try to see if you can resolve the issue by speaking with the people in the residence first. Causing someone else more harm and trouble than necessary is at the very least a selfish thing to do, and being angry at college kids for having a party makes you seem pathetic.

Stop being presumptuous about the character of people you have never met, and learn to give people a legitimate chance before crying foul and trying to get them into trouble.

Jill said...

Sumedh-which authorities are you referring to? Do you mean NYU? They have, in fact, said that they have no authority over off-campus fraternities. If they have no authority, then theoretically, there is no trouble to be had.

To your second point-the frat's character was judged on exactly that which they chose to put out into public-their Facebook page (since removed) that talked about their "sick" parties and drinking (with nothing about their other objectives which I understand are scholarly) and the actions of their guests at their party last Saturday who were disrespectful and out of control on a quiet, residential street at hours beyond those that any reasonable person would think is ok to cause a disturbance. They literally woke up an entire block of sleeping people.

If you read further "up" you will see that they have apologized for their actions, and I for one feel positive that their intentions are to be good neighbors.

Anonymous said...

Clearly, Jill, paying $500 a month for your rent controlling apartment leaves you plenty of opportunity to write blog articles which bear little importance. WOW. A fraternity exists. And they live on a street. In an apartment. in New York City. How is this a big deal? You should be thankful that this is the biggest concern you have.

Perhaps a higher paying job would provide you with the ability to relocate from the tenement slums within which you currently reside.

Get a life.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 6:34.
I almost vomitted after reading your post.
Please stop reading this blog.
Please do not ever have children.
Please stop spreading your poison.
Jill is an amazing asset to our community. Was raised in our city. CONTRIBUTES to the community in which she lives.
People like you are why our country, city and the human race are doomed.
You have no idea what Jill pays in rent, where she lives or her profession.
I hope you are surrounded by the inconsiderate , self important type of person that promotes the decline of human decency this group of brats represent.
And if these tenenment slums are so bad why do people like you keep coming here?
Go away. Go far. You nasty, nasty person.

Jill said...

Thank you Anon 9:31 for making me smile this morning. I needed it.

Jeremiah Moss said...

historically, urban neighborhoods and blocks were managed by the neighbors, often by women who stayed home during the day with elbows on windowsills or sitting on stoops.

kids knew how to behave under these many watchful eyes. mothers knew, from other mothers, what their kids were up to. this organic system helped keep down crime and knit together communities--and it helped adolescents to learn what their limits were and how far they could push, without going over the edge.

thanks to forces like super-gentrification and other social pressures and shifts, we don't have those women anymore. luckily, we have bloggers like jill and others to do that important work.

Jill said...

That's right, Jeremiah, I'm the crazy blog lady telling the kids to shush it. My posse is the EV Blog Mafia.

Jeremiah Moss said...


walt54 said...

I live on the same block as these kids and although I have to admit some of their parties have been rowdy, it is only on a rare occasion that a party is that huge. I understand people are worried about what is happening to the neighborhood but they're just kids. I have actually met a couple of the boys who reside in the "frat house" but it seems they're responsible, young gentlemen who have a lot to look forward too. And to those folks who use frat boy stereotypes you really need to quit being so narrow-minded. Of the boys I met they are very ambitious and quite different from the stereotype. I know for a fact they aren't normal fratters and actually care about the community. I have seen them clean the streets, and even volunteer at a soup kitchen where I work. So instead of judging perhaps give them a chance and talk to them.