Monday, August 17, 2009

Mason Has a Request

Somewhere along the line, an anonymous commenter started to call Mason Reese "ham boy." The nickname has stuck, at least in my family, and I have to admit that not only do we call Mason "ham boy," but all the bar owners on Avenue A have become "ham boy."

In a comment on this post, Mason has asked that we stop calling him ham boy, as follows:

First off, my name is Mason...NOT "ham boy". Second, no one has ever puked
inside or outside my establishment. Third, Mars bar doesn't play G&R?
Fourth, we do not, nor will we ever have beer pong! Fifth, many of our
customers are locals, not "b&t" looking to party and puke. I'll be
attending another community meeting soon, and look forward to having a fair
and balanced discussion. However..the "ham boy" thing really isn't playing
fair...just sayin'

Notice has been served.


Mason Reese said...

I'll repeat what I eloquently stated in another name is Mason Reese, NOT "ham boy". If you can't get this stupid nick name out of your head, then I truly feel sorry for you. It's clearly obvious that you have nothing better to do then take a serious issue and make a mockery of it, and to top it off, make it personal. Underwood ham was a 1972 commercial that rendered me great success and personal acclaim. However that was 37 years ago, let it go!! Jill, I don't know what you do for a living other than post on blogs...but I guarantee you that I wouldn't call you "secretary" girl, on this or any other blog! The fact that you decide to post what I considered to be a very fair comment, and then ridicule me, is unnerving and unnecessary.

hntrnyc said...

You know, I had seen his name mentioned a few times........but I thought naawwww, can't be the borgashmorg kid from when....I was a kid. But I stand corrected. Nice find on the TV guide pic. I can't even believe he is 49 years old.

Mason Reese said...

44...don't bury me yet!