Thursday, July 02, 2009

My Hair is Lovely

Today I met a new neighbor in the hallway, a toothless black man who I am sure lives in the triad of craziness. But I like him since he told me my hair is beautiful.


Larry Slade said...

Well, it is.
You are lucky that it is dark and when the pigment leaves it makes for really nice highlights. I've been admiring it lately when I see you now and then.

Karen said...

Hey, you reminded me. I was on my way home from playing soccer all sweaty in my jock clothes and decided to get an egg cream at Ray's. He looks really old and has no teeth now. Anyway, he was friendly as he is to everyone. I had never thought he paid particular attention to me, but when he gave me my drink he said to me, "I've known you a long time now and you still look beautiful."
It made me really happy.