Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Too Depressed to Blog

Sorry I've been rather ignoring this blog lately though I've taken a bunch of pictures to share with you. I just haven't shared them. It seems overwhelming to upload them and write about them and try to think of snappy things to say. And now they are getting old and not so interesting as I thought they were when they were fresh. Contrary to the title of this entry, I've been out enjoying the summer weather (well up until today that is) and for some reason or other my calendar has been chock full of crap every single day.

For example, tonight, I found out some news that will nag the back of my mind for the next two years. We went to see a college financial planner and he confirmed that it is true, we cannot afford to pay for college because we will not likely be eligible for much financial aid. Apparently we are caught in that not-so-mythical middle class trap of making too much money to qualify for aid, and not enough money to actually be able to pay.

According to the formula they have devised, we would have to live on a sum that would require neglecting all retirement savings, eliminating health insurance and never leave the house lest we make a purchase for the four years our son is learning how to drink beer bongs (or do you smoke a beer bong? What the fuck is a beer bong anyways?).

So the bottom line is we might be able to afford SUNY or CUNY but it is quite unlikely that we will get enough aid to afford a private school. My Princeton dreams have been crushed.

Max with the Harvard ladies he will never get to know.
I hope he treasured this moment of closeness to Cambridge as it is likely his last.

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