Saturday, May 02, 2009

Winston, Zoso or ... We'll See

Our new kitten has arrived. He had been named Winston Churchill, which I don't think we will stick with. I have only one imperative which is that the name must have a Z or X in it. It's my tradition. Right now we are calling him Zoso, but we'll see what name winds up sticking.

He is nervous, being separated from his mom and siblings, hiding under things and running away when approached. Jezebel, our other cat, is hiding in our room. The meeting has yet to happen.

We've taken Diane's advice and didn't bring the new kitten in, just dropped him off without Jezebel seeing where he came from, as though he just wandered in, and we are trying not to pay attention to him until Jezebel discovers him herself. We hope she will adopt him, and possibly exchange the beenie baby skunk for her new, real life brother.

This skunk, named Stinky, has been her baby since she was a kitten. Every night, without fail, she brings picks up Stinky in her mouth and brings it into our loft bed with a high pitched whiny sound, and then every day, when we aren't home, she brings Stinky down into the living room. Every day for nearly three years this has been her habit.

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Melanie said...

He is cute!!!