Sunday, May 17, 2009

Everybody Loves a Parade

There are four things that can make me smile with little effort: puppies, kittens, spontaneous dancing and unknown musicians who are great and who I can witness playing in a small personal space.

Many of these things came to life this weekend. But no puppies.

My kittens are always charming.

The Dance Parade was a blast of color, music and dance moves from around the world.

And I was privileged to be invited to a studio in Brooklyn where three bands played that were the type of music I would never otherwise get to hear: a duo from Paris crooning love songs (I think, it was in French so they could have been singing about death for all I know, but it sounded like love to me); a duo from Norway who did sing about death, but in English, so we were certain - with the added bonus of incredible SAW playing; and a guy called Sport Murphy who sang folk songs from the heart.

And to top it off, I made delicious Hostess-like Cupcakes.


Marc said...

Great shots! Were they taken with the new D40?

Jill said...

No this was my point & shoot Canon. But if you want to see my photos from Wildside, they were taken with the D40 - go to the main page and click on the Travel category, the first few posts there are from that trip.