Thursday, May 07, 2009

Benefit for Vicky & Matt

The backstory behind this event is a very long one about rent strikes, broken windows, getting evicted from their apartment on East 11th Street, and then the judge finding for them and letting them back in.

You can hear the whole story if you come to a benefit this Saturday, May 9th, to help Victoria & Matt raise the $8000 they need to pay their rent/back rent/lawyers fees by May 15 so they can actually get back into their apartment.

Who are Victoria & Matt? They have lived in the East Village for a million years and are very involved in community theater, carpentry, art and gardening. If you live here and don't know them, you've probably seen them around and just didn't know you knew them.

And, Miles (their son) made this cool flyer . Please pay it forward.


rob said...

Thanks for posting this. Matt never sent me the flyer so I took it off your blog along with your words and sent them around to my local folks.

Maybe see you Saturday --

Jill said...

Ha! I knew it was a small world in our little corner downtown. We'll be there Sat. Can't let someone lose their apartment over something stupid like cash in pocket.