Friday, April 10, 2009

On Vacation

I am on my way to visit the Panama Canal and then on to the rainforests of Costa Rica for a week while my son toils away in New Orleans.

If you have any inclination to see what I'm doing down there, daily (or mostly daily) reports come from the Sea Voyager to this website. Don't fret if they aren't posted every day, they will catch up in a couple days; the overseas satellite feeds aren't always available, and they have to be received in NY and then manually edited, formatted and posted. And they aren't posted at all on weekends. (Yes mom that one's for you so you can understand why they aren't there every day when you hope for them.)

But of course, I will post photos on my return, taken with my fancy new camera that I'd been putting off buying for months. Lots of monkeys and birds. I don't know how you photograph a canal though.

Happy Passover, Easter and any other spring holiday you may be celebrating.

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