Tuesday, March 31, 2009

The Madi Tile Project

The much anticipated tiling project in my kitchen has been completed. Without a car, getting to storage to retrieve the tiling supplies became my first subway ride to Queens on the L train. While the husband insisted it was 15 minutes, and maybe it was, it felt like an eternity into hell and I hated every moment.

The red tiles were made by my downstairs neighbor friend, artist Madi Horstmann. They are beautiful. Then, Eve, who moved to Portland sometime after my son was born (remember we had my baby shower at her apartment? and then a Christmas party where he wore a bowtie) lovingly sent me leftoever tiles to help supplement the 9 tile design.

The tan tiles from Eve seemed, at first, to be perfect. I laid them out on my floor and it was divine. But then, I applied them to the wall, and the tan tiles looked clunky, getting in the way of the red tiles, plus they did not work with the yellow walls. Here is a photo of it, which is messy because I didn't grout. You have to imagine the design with Harvest Yellow grout.

So I took down the tan tiles and left the simple red design, which looks more elegant (as elegant as you can be in a . Nothing is square here, my floor is crooked, the stove tilts and the cabinet next to it leans like Pisa, which means that no matter how you try to align the tiles, from some angle they will look crooked. But no matter, they are still wonderful and I love them. Now we just have to repaint the wall because it is really dreadful next to the beautiful tiles. It is a never ending struggle.
And, as an added, bonus, if you wish to see my kitchen clock in person, just mosey on over to The Warsaw in Brooklyn where the proprietors have the same taste as I do. Must be the Polish in my blood.

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