Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Can I Make Time Warner Go Away?

It's been almost a month without cable, and Time Warner is still not providing any real information about the "outage" that apparently only exists in my mind. Based on the appointment schedule they have devised, it is still another week away from being fixed at the earliest. And when the 2 upcoming maintenance appointments result in nothing new, I suppose the whole process starts at the beginning. They do assure me that I won't have to pay for cable during this time. The point is I am glad to pay for the service (well not really glad, but willing) because I love TV and I hate watching it on the interwebs.

Fios? Not that Verizon has any better service than any other utility I've ever dealt with, but at least there is a viable choice. I got this message from them today:

We are pleased to inform you that FiOS TV is available in your
neighborhood, but is not yet available in your building. We will begin
negotiations to gain access to your building shortly and will inform you as
access and construction milestones are reached

Negotiate with my landlord? Ha! You mean those people without a physical address, no last names and corporate ownership filed under a holding company in Delaware? Well, I guess I'm stuck with Time Warner.


Bowery Boogie said...

Threaten to go Fios, and you will slash your TWC bill. On the other hand, if customer service sucks (and it looks like that's the case), I would switch. If not for the internet alone.

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Jill said...

I took your advice and tried to cancel. But all they would offer me was more channels for the same amount, since I'm already on the cheapest plan. So for the next 13 months I'll get IFC and those other channels that I never got with the basic service, for the same amount. My son is happy about the Military Channel (why do boys love guns?), but I'm still pissed at them, and the problem still isn't totally fixed. The next appointment isn't for 2 more weeks. I hate them.