Monday, February 23, 2009

Save the M8 Bus Rally

I probably wouldn't have left the house on Sunday if it weren't for two things: checking out the rally to save the M8 bus, which I take every day, and the need for tiles.

The rally was quite lively and well attended. Reverend Billy had an old fashioned bullhorn that looked like a cone shaped piece of white cardboard, and the community organizer had a real bullhorn but didn't over use it. The east side M8 bus riders walked to Astor Place from 9th & A, while the west side M8 bus riders walked there from 6th Ave. The meetup was pretty fun, filling the middle of the street.
The 2nd errand, going to Bella Tile was not productive, as I was unable to get the attention of the lone saleswoman. And, I discovered later in the day that the Home Depot on 23rd Street does not, like all other Home Depots of the world, carry single tiles. Minimum order: 1 carton. I need about 10 tiles total. More tile shopping is in my future.


Anonymous said...

Hey there Jill,

found your website quite by accident, linking through an architecture site. ha!

So, what size/ kind of tiles do you need? We have lots of 4x4 craftsman style in warm mottled brown or in cream left over from our bathroom remodel... I'd be happy to send you some as a gift...

Eve in portland

Jill said...

Eve!! What architecture site would have a link to me? How odd. It's so funny the people that find me. I'll get your email address from Janice and send you an email. I would love cream tiles and 4x4 is exactly what I need. Thanks!

Larry Slade said...

Bella Tile was not very nice to a friend of ours who worked for them for a short spell.

To add a fine point:
Rev. Billy is holding a megaphone, a "real" one.
A bullhorn is an electronic device.